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Own Unique Voice

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Hi there, “Redenaars” Parent.

My name is Petrus Jacobs, you probably know me because of SUPER 12 Redenaars or  Kans!vatter Redenaars. 

As a

 – qualified Teacher,

 – “Redenaars” Adjudicator,

 – Speech Writer and

 – Professional Speaker 

I have been exposed to hundreds of ‘Redenaarskompetisies’ for the past decade.

If you’re like me, you want what is best for your childrenMaybe you have also discovered that there are many lies in the ‘redenaars’ industry that’s having an extremely negative impact on some speakers…and I’m sick and tired of this industry causing harm to some of our children.

Chances are that you have also been exposed to one of the following lies:

Lie #1: When an adjudicator gives your child advice you need to change the speech / presentation to suit the needs of the adjudicators.

Lie #2: It’s important for your child to do “redenaars” because it builds their confidence.

Lie #3: A “redenaar” must try to impress the adjudicators in order to win a competition.


 The time has come for it to STOP!

Empowering You And Your Child
To Restore The Excitement And Fun to Public Speaking


The time has come for FireStarter to empower you and your children to bring the joy and fun back to public speaking… and “Redenaars” is a vitally important part of Public Speaking.

FireStarter’s MAIN AIM is to empower you as parents – and your children – to know exactly:

  • How you should THINK as a speaker (the PSYCHOLOGY of a speaker);
  • What the real PURPOSE is of the various elements of a speech and presentation;
  • HOW all the aspects of a speech and presentation should be dealt with for maximum impact on your audience as well as;
  • Understanding the psychology of your AUDIENCE.

Dear Frustrated Parents… 

the time has come for you and your children to:

  • Experience the real magic of ‘redenaars’;
  • Discover the fun and joy that ‘redenaars’ can bring;
  • Experience success far more often;
  • Think on their feet
  • Become more confident people who believe in themselves even when things do not go according to plan.

All of this happens when you give your children the opportunity to discover their own unique voice.


By being part of the FireStarter programme specifically designed to empower you and your children to benefit abundantly more from the “redenaars” industry.

The time has come for us to take Public Speaking and “redenaars” to where it SHOULD be!


Grepies uit die weeklikse videos

FireStarter… a place where Public Speaking and “redenaars” help your children to

  • Discover their own unique voice.
  • Discover that their opinion MATTERS.
  • Believe in themselves, and realize their dreams.


Imagine Your Children…

  • Being confident speakers because they can think on their feet;
  • Being less worried about the outcome of an event and more on their personal growth;
  • Discovering what good eye contact really is and how to use it to their advantage;
  • Being able to discover how to “test” a speaker’s understanding of a speech in less than 30 seconds
  • Having all the answers to all your questions regarding cue cards;
  • Having all the answers regarding hand gestures and stance;
  • Having discovered the secrets of how adjudicators generally make their decisions;
  • Intuitively know which words / phrases should be emphasized for greater impact;
  • Knowing if and how humour should be used (or not);
  • Being able to sustain their level of excitement for a speech even after they’ve been practicing it thirty times;
  • Discovering their own unique voice to be able to share their gifts with the world…
  •     then FireStarter is definitely for you!

Join the other parents because then you’ll receive the following from FireStarter:

  1. Every week you’ll receive at least one entertaining and insightful video clip to benefit from and enjoy in the comfort of your home.  These clips empower you and your children with tips, techniques & strategies to become powerful and influential speakers.
  2. A monthly newsletter with golden Public Speaking nuggets.
  3. FireStarter speakers are encouraged every 3 months to send in a video recording of a short speech implementing certain pre-selected aspects of speaking. These speeches will be viewed by our panel adjudicators with the main aim of giving constructive advice on how they can improve their content and/or presentation skills

Currently video clips are available in only Afrikaans, however, English clips to follow as from April 2019.

Examples of topics that are addressed:

  • What IS “Redenaars”. What is it supposed to achieve?
  • How can a parent’s relationship with the speaker positively impact the quality of a speaker’s performance?
  • How would I choose a topic for a speech that IS debatable?
  • How do I write a great speech?
  • How would I approach the research?
  • What are the criteria that the speakers are going to adjudicated on?
  • What are the different ways in which an introduction and/ closing can have maximum impact on the audience?
  • How can a speaker speak to the mind AND heart of the audience?
  • Are hand gestures allowed? If yes, to what extent?
  • Does it matter how many cue cards the speaker has? Does the colour of the cue cards really matter?
  • How would the speaker use cue cards for maximum impact on conveying the message?
  • How does a speaker truly connect with the audience?
  • What would you, as a parent, deal with an unhappy speaker after the winners were announced?
  • Are speakers allowed to use visual aids? If yes, how many visual aids and how?
  • What are the differences between a motivational speech and a “redenaarspraatjie’?

Click on this link and join Firestarter

Please note, this service is not for everyone.


I believe that R195 per month is fair exchange.

However, when you choose to join FireStarter in the month of March 2019 you’ll pay only R145 per month



Well, there are two reasons why Petrus decided to launch FireStarter.


As a motivational speaker Petrus felt as if it was a long and extremely exhausting journey to be a successful and sought after motivational speaker.

Until… until that great day that he realized that he should stop trying to be someone he isn’t. To stop trying to be the person he thought other people wanted him to be.NO!Rather be YOURSELF… be your AUTHENTIC SELF!This has been a turning point in his life. He realized that that authenticity is a speaker’s greatest gift to the world and he started sharing his many valuable life lessons with ‘redenaars’. And guess what? The results were spectacular.


Petrus spends a lot of his time empowering speakers to believe in themselves (first and foremost) and to drastically improve the quality of their presentations skills. He shares golden nuggets regarding this industry with parents and speakers alike. Due to time constraints he can unfortunately not get to all those families wanting to greatly benefit from his valuable expertise.

That is exactly why he decided to launch FireStarter as a way to empower thousands of parents and children by making use of the internet. Petrus’ valuable training and golden nuggets are sent as video clips to you via e-mail and/or mms to enjoy and benefit from in the comfort of your home.These powerful and insightful video clips will empower you as a parent as well as your children to know exactly what is expected from a ‘redenaar’. 

Petrus takes the guess work out of Public Speaking and ‘redenaars’.




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Yvette Steenkamp

“Petrus, jy het van Megan ‘n begaafde, bekkige redenaars gemaak. Jy’t ons geleer om ‘n toespraak logies en sinvol uit te werk. My dogter kan nou met entoesiasme en oortuiging praat, danksy jou!”

Magda van der Lith

“Petrus, jy leer my kidz lewensvaardighede aan wat vir hulle goud werd is. Jy leer hulle om met selfvertroue hul sê te sê en hul standpunte te stel. Jy leer dat dit nie gaan oor wen of verloor nie, maar liewers om ‘n uiters effektiewe manier met stories en grappies standpunt in te neem en hul menings te lig. Jy maak spreker-wees lekker.”

Amanda Reyneke

“Van vroeg af het jy hom geleer om te vergeet van die ‘WEN’ faktor. ‘Praat uit jou hart en glo in jouself’… en die wen van kompetisies het vanself gekom.”

Daleen Loubser

“’n Praatjie was nie meer net ‘n praatjie nie. NEE! Petrus het nuwe betekenis gegee aan die woord redenaars. Vir die eerste keer kon Linke (12 jr) die praatjie haar eie maak. Danelize (17 jr) moes by een van die beoordelaars wat haar al die afgelope 5 jaar beoordeel, dat dit die beste is wat sy nóg gepraat het. Dankie Petrus! Ons wens ons het vroeër by jou uitgekom!

André Pieters

“Ek dink Liewe Jesus het vir Oom Petrus ‘n talent gegee om kinders te help om hulle talente te geniet. Oom Petrus is defnitief beter as “sweets” Ek’t geleer om nooit bang te wees vir beoordelaars nie, want as jy praat – dan praat jy omdat dit vir jou lekker is om jou sê te sê.”